Jan, 2017

Bold Terpene Strains tested at Green Soldiers Healers

It's that wonderful time of year when California is overflowing with high quality, clean green certified flower. It still amazes us that we live in a time to truly experience the exceptional growing techniques passed down through countless generations. We may be biased, but we think California has the best flower in the world. This week, we wanted to highlight three new strains that we have available to Green Soldiers Healers patients. We've written about master grower and concentrate connoisseur, Soul Evolution Enterprise before. Well, at this year's Emerald Cup, the strain Terp Smoothie received special attention. Cannabis Now magazine said "one of the top aromas of the week was a Strawberry Banana Strain called Terp Smoothie: few other jars in Santa Rosa could match its piercing sweetness."


And, the accolades are well worth it. This is incredible bud from masters. It's a sweet aroma off the bat, but you'll find more strawberry than banana. The flavor deepens substantially once inhaled. We tried ours in the terp aficionado’s vaporizer, the Firely 2. The head high doesn't come on strong, enabling you to enjoy puff after puff of this magnificent bud. The actually flower looks magical too, being dense and nicely packed for an outdoor grown bud. We were surprised by our third of fourth hit of the strain that we found it had what we’d describe as a ‘cooling effect’ making the high that much more enjoyable. Minimal throat burn, this strain brings a major headband feeling and would be an ideal strain for those who suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, or anyone who needs pain relief.

The second strain we added to our menu is Berry White from KISS FARMS. Berry white is a hybrid strain with blueberry and white widow. Berry white combines blueberry, which brings the heritage of a prolific indica strain from the 1970s and White Widow, which is a well-balanced hybrid. The flavor profile of this strain is incredibly sweet and the berry flavor just explodes. Not only is it this flower from KISS FARM flavorful, it has some incredible benefits for patients. Not only is it well-balanced for relieving stress and anxiety, with the strain being a hybrid adds a sense of euphoria, too. If you’re looking for good creative strain for writing, this is the strain for you. KISS FARMS has one of the best clean green certified Berry White strains in California.


The final strain we’re highlighting today compliments Berry White well as it’s the Blueberry strain from Farmacy to Table farm. This heavy indica will wipe away pain for many medical marijuana patients. Leafly reports that connoisseurs flock to the strain because of it’s colorful appearance and high THC content. Medical patients appreciate Blueberry for its ability to suppress pain and relieve stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content. And while you won’t see vibrant hues of purple in this fruitful flower, the bud itself is a prized specimen of exceptional quality. The Farmacy to Table team did a phenomenal job cultivating this highly potent flower.


If you’re interested in trying any of these new strains, simply give us a call at 310-500-7419 and we’ll provide you with our updated menu and information about our clean green certified bud. As Los Angeles First Clean Green Certified Delivery, we prioritize our patients health and wellness.  

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