Mar, 2017

Celebrate Spring with these Cannabis Concentrates

Spring in Los Angeles is upon us. The best way to bring out the Irish in you is by gathering the dankest green you can find. So, Green Soldiers Healers is highlighting our cleanest,  greenest,  (and may we add dopest) cannabis concentrates this spring because there's nothing more fun than relaxing at the park or beach enjoying the effervescent high.

Soul Evolution Enterprises (SEE) Concentrates - Sour Deazy This dry sift comes from one of Northern California’s best extractor - Creek over at Soul Evolution Enterprises. The name should ring a bell, as we’ve mentioned him many times on the blog, but he also creates outstanding dabs.

In 2015, Creek won 1st place for the dry sieve mendo marmalade, at the infamous Emerald Cup. This year’s Sour Deazy lab tests at 69.89% THC and definitely gives off its namesake cheese-like, diesel aroma. The strain assists in the release of stress and chronic pain. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also dig the dreamy cerebral effects. We may have even noticed a hint of the terpene limonene - that lemon or citrus smell that some strains are well known for.

After packing our first dab into the terpene tornado Vapexhale, we noticed a spicy profile to this sour strain that reminded us of the strain chemdawg from years ago. After a nice long rip (you really need to watch this), we were lifted and very focused on the day’s tasks. No sign of anxiety throughout the entire day. If you’re a medical patient, SEE’s Sour Deazy is a must. But, you should note that the deliciousness of the deazy doesn’t come cheap.

Emerald Cup - Cry Baby OG: This rosin, another from Northern California’s premiere cannabis event, is extracted by the Emerald Cup team. After loading up the Vapexhale for another round of vaping reviews, we peeling apart the parchment paper and we noticed a strong whiff of that natural earth smell. You know the piney flavor that this rosin gives off? That let’s you know you’re dealing with an original OG strain, one full of terpenes. After just a few rips you’ll find an energetic buzz rush over you. While it will definitely alleviate your pain, we noticed more energy than we anticipated.

If you’re still wondering why Green Soldiers Healers recommends concentrates for medicinal patients, it’s because of the faster more direct delivery. Concentrates alleviate pain and anxiety much more quickly than consuming multiple bowls or joints. If you’re coming to us as a medical patient you know the importance of having clean medicine.

A recent report by LA’s NBC 4 highlighted a serious pesticide problem in the California’s cannabis market. Luckily for GSH patients, we only offer clean green certified products, which ensures that the medicine you consume is up to the highest standards in the cannabis industry.Clean Green Certified is the number one certified nationwide cannabis cultivated using international sustainable and organic practices. Legally, marijuana cannot be called organic — no matter how environmentally friendly the cultivation practices used to grow it — because the term is federally regulated and the USDA does not recognize cannabis as a legitimate agricultural crop. Clean Green Certified was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis products that called themselves "organic." Consumers can rest assured when they buy a Clean Green Certified cannabis product that it has met all of the requirements of the rigorous program.

So, for all of your Spring needs - whether it be cleaning, celebrating, or to just relaxing on the weekend, consider enjoying some of that other green. You’ll thank us later.

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