Dec, 2016

Green Soldiers Healers Gift Guide – We’ve got something for everyone on your list!

Give the gift of Green Soldiers Healers this holiday season to everyone in your family.

Show your family how much you love them and how much you care about their health by introducing them to cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Together, we can teach them how cannabis benefits their overall health and how many diverse products are available at Green Soldiers Healers to fit everyone on your Holiday shopping list. Get a jumpstart on your New Years’ Resolution this year by taking care of you, and showing your family that cannabis can help take care of them.

The One Who Never Stops – Vaporizer Disposables from W Vapes

These disposable vape pens contain premium quality cannabis oil, and are incredibly convenient for the cannabis user on-the-go. Using all natural and local cannabis oil these discreet vape pens provide a unique and discrete vape experience. For those who need quick relief to get back to a fast-paced life, these disposable vape pens from W Vapes will make the perfect holiday gift.

cannabis w vape disposable cartridge

The One Who Needs Targeted Relief, With Something Extra -
Weeds Grow Wild  - Topical Salves

These salves are made with care and compassion, perfect for anyone on your list who needs pain, joint and muscle relief and enjoys the smooth, rich texture of medicinal ointments. These amazing salves are made in small batches in Northern California and use only sun grown, pesticide-free cannabis. The intoxicating aromas and velvety texture make these salves the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Each blend we carry targets specific relief. For example, the Deeply Rooted blend is perfect for the one on your list who loves to work out because it targets muscle strain and pain – perfect after a tough workout. The Coffee Cacao blend is perfect for your grandparents or parents who need relief from inflammation and to increase circulation. Each one is designed and created with specific health concerns in mind, so no matter who you are shopping for, we are sure to carry the perfect blend of Weeds Grow Wild for them.

weeds grow wild cannabis topicals


The One Who Loves The Sweeter Things - Honey Sticks

Honey Straws, like these made from Care by Design and Absolute Extracts provide long-lasting relief that can be taken in all your favorite food and drinks. Expertly created, both brands of honey straws are cannabis-infused honey that can mixed into tea, yogurt, oatmeal and more to deliver desired relief while enjoying the sweet treat you already love. For the one on your list who sweetens everyone’s day, these are the perfect gift for them.

absolute xtracts honey straws

The One who Loves All Things Chocolate - KIVA Bars

These chocolate edibles are unlike any cannabis-infused chocolate you’ve ever tasted. These chocolates are crafted with all natural ingredients to provide a consistent, safe and delicious edible experience. KIVA is dedicated to providing patients with accurately tested and consistent, certified level of potency in each of their KIVA bars, so patients never take too much.

With help from a professional chocolatier, KIVA has raised the bar to provide a one-of-a-kind edible experience offering over a dozen variety of flavors. The chocolate lover in your life will recognize the care, compassion and premium quality of these KIVA bars and they are sure to be something they ask for at every holiday to come.

kiva confections chocolate bar cannabis

The One Who Loves To Cook – TreatWell Health Cannabis Tinctures

TreatWell Tinctures combine full plant extract and oil made from coconuts to create a versatile product perfect for the canna-chef in your life. The oils can be directly consumed under the tongue or added to a favorite meal or drink so you never don’t like the way your medicine tastes. Not only do they have a longer shelf-life than other edibles or medicines, they are also accurate and convenient, and come in a variety of CBD:THC ratios so you are sure to find the perfect one for your perfect chef.


Whether it is chronic pain, anxiety, cancer, PTSD or any other ailment, we have a product or strain for everyone on your list. If you have more questions about our holiday gift guide or want to learn more about the other products we carry, contact us today! Have a Happy Holiday, from all of us at Green Soldiers Healers!

Green Soldiers Healers 2016 Gift Guide Cannabis
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