Jan, 2017

Have a new self care routine this New Year? Try Cannabis Topicals

Tinctures are cannabis extracts that are a great alternative for people who aren't fans of smoking flower or are looking for an entry point for starting a new medicinal regimen. Tinctures are commonly placed under the tongue but can be used topically if specified. They are easy to dose, easy to add to favorite drinks and meals and easy to store. For many patients, this is the best way to self-medicate.

TreatWell Health, a cannabis company, specializing in extracts, tinctures and cannabis-infused pet products was founded in San Francisco in 2014. They strive to provide quality products that are healthier alternatives to cannabis patients. By sourcing only the top shelf sun-grown cannabis from local farms that equally value quality, they can create the best oils, tinctures, and pet products for their customers.

At Green Soldiers Healers some of our best-selling tinctures are TreatWell’s THCA and CBDA Tinctures, and now we have a special one you can take every day to stay on track: TreatWell’s Wellness Blend Tinctures. Here’s more about the tinctures and how they can benefit your health and wellness goals.

THCA Cannabis Tincture: The THCA tincture is non-psychoactive – which means, you won’t feel a head high when taken, you only feel the benefits of the medicine. The THCA tincture has amazing anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant properties. The acid-based compound works with your body by targeting and relieving nerve pain, cancer treatment, concussions, injuries, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Also, the THCA tincture can be taken topically for a variety of skin conditions, injuries, pain, and burns.

CBDA Cannabis Tincture:  The CBDA tincture is a recent winner of the 2016 Emerald Cup and is also non-psychoactive. Since the CBDA tincture is a precursor to CBD and not THC like the THCA, it works a little bit differently. It shares the qualities that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectant, but unlike THCA, it also works as an anti-bacterial. In that, it works well to treat skin conditions and bacterial infections, along with pain management, cancer treatment support concussions, and a wide variety of injuries.

Both of these tinctures work well to treat your illnesses when they arise and for as long as they last. The Wellness Tinctures are something new we offer at Green Soldiers Healers in that you can use it every day to promote overall health and wellness.

Cannatherapy consultant Danielle Jackson tells Civilized Life “We do have to self-manage our health and wellness for the most part… people are beginning to recognize that not only is (cannabis) an intuitive medicine, but it’s a holistic medicine that helps us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,”. She continues by saying, “I look at cannabis like a therapeutic tool. If I combine it with other therapeutic tools, that enhances its quality to enhance my health and well-being. It’s that simple, really,” Jackson explains. “It’s important for us to understand our relationship with cannabis to be able to use it confidently and safely."

Wellness Tincture: The Wellness tincture is a blend of acid-based compounds CBDA and THCA and the neutrals CBD and THC. Together, this creates a non-psychoactive wellness tool that is high in antioxidants and terpenes. It can be taken to prevent illness and promote wellness that is safe and effective enough to be taken every day. If you’re looking for a product to support a healthy lifestyle in 2017, this is the product for you.

Tranquility Tincture: The Tranquility tincture is a blend of botanicals & CBD rich cannabinoids which create a delicious and effective relaxation experience. The 15:1  (CBD:THC) cannabis plant was chosen for its non-psychoactive and anti-anxiety properties that can be used throughout the day. Treatwell health carefully selected synergistic botanicals to enhance the calming effect, while weaving in all natural and organic flavorings for a bright, delightful flavor. The macadamia nut oil adds a rich and velvety finish to help melt your stress away.

Whether you are treating specific conditions with the THCA and CBDA tinctures or just looking to support your overall and everyday health with the Wellness Tinctures, we have the right TreatWell products for you.

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