Mar, 2017

Join Green Soldiers Healers at the 420 games this weekend

This weekend, athletes and non-athletes alike will flock to Santa Monica for the second annual 420 Games. With recreational weed around the corner, Southern Californians should get used to the changing conversation around marijuana. The 420 Games were created to emphasize that highly functional people, even professional athletes, use cannabis and are hardly the lazy stoners the world has portrayed,” said 420 Games founder Jim McAlpine.

The event will start off with a 4.2 mile run from the Santa Monica pier (north lot) at 9:00 AM PT. Afterward, several NFL heavyweights, XGames athletes, and yoga instructors will mix and mingle amongst cannabis companies hocking their wares. If running isn’t your thing, you can also ride, jog, skate, or even walk. Tickets to the event include the run, live music, comedy, and beer tasting with Lagunitas beer company.
For more information on the event, check out the Games website.

The 420 Games are a kicking off their national tour in Los Angeles. Then it’s on-the-road to six additional cities in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada. Attendees of last year’s event laughed and said “This is the most unique exercise group in the world,” after runnings got confused on the route race. We couldn’t agree more. Last year we brought our great Pyrenees who wasn’t too keen on the 4.2-mile jog.

Think of the games as the best way to challenge the outdated stoner stereotype. It’s apparently so hip that
LA Weekly listed it amongst its top 20 events this weekend. Hell, the stigma is changing quickly — senior citizens are taking field trips to storefronts and cannabis showing promise to combat the opioid epidemic. We at Green Soldiers Healers have been doing our part to beat back the stigma by creating a Meetup group designed to help educate seniors and give them a safe space to talk cannabis. We plan to take advantage of the 420 games and have scheduled a Meetup during the event so everyone can talk cannabis amongst friends and get in a little exercise.

This isn’t the only time cannabis and workouts have been combined.
McAlpine is also the co-founder of Power Plant Fitness, which claims to be the world’s first cannabis gym.

Looking to snag free tickets to this weekend’s event? Head on over to Civilized where readers can grab up to 4 free entries for the run while tickets remain. If you are attending, consider RSVPing over on our meet-up group so we can join you for the festivities! We look forward to ending this stigma together.

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