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Membership Qualifications

Green Soldiers Healers operates in strict compliance with California Health & Safety Code 11362.5 (215) and 11362.7(SB 420).

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, have a sate issued photo identification, and a Doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis to access delivery services. Parents or court-appointed legal guardians must act as care givers to obtain service on behalf of legally qualified patients who are younger that eighteen (18) years old. We serve only legally qualified patients and caregivers. Under no circumstances whatsoever are services provided to persons who are not qualified under California law. You must become a registered member of the collective to obtain the delivery services we provide. Any person who wants to become a Member must go through our application and interviewing process. A person who is not a member or qualified patient, including minors, are not permitted within the area the GSH staff and members are doing transactions.


How to Become a Member of Green Soldiers Healer’s Collective?


GSH has a multiple staged application process. This allows both parties to feel secure in our integrity, intentions and your peace of mind during all transactions amongst staff and members. We offer a personal cannabis delivery service and we feel that this process will help keep both you and our staff safe and secure during any future transactions.


  1. GSH application is submitted by Patient using email.
  2. GSH staff verifies Doctors recommendation
  3. GSH staff will call you to set up meeting at Patients residence or a secure alternate location
  4. GSH personal interview takes place
  5. GSH approved member is assigned GSH Login access #
  6. Member delivery service can begin. All orders are delivered within 24-48 hours

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Members Code of Conduct

Green Soldiers Healer's collective members must abide by the following, and will be required to attest to this during the membership process. GSH reserves the right to terminate membership for any violations of our Code of Conduct with no warning or second chances.


- You must be at least eighteen (18) years old and have state-issued identification to access dispensary legal guardians must act as caregivers to obtain service on behalf of legally qualified patients who are younger than eighteen (18) years old.
- Any PERSONS who is not a member or qualified patient, including minors, is not permitted within the area where transactions are taking place between members and delivery staff.
- All members are required to show state-issued identification and GSH membership card to be validated by delivery staff upon delivery.
- No cell phones, pagers, cameras, or any other recording devices or security devices are allowed anywhere within areas of transaction of GSH staff and members.
- No alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons will be present in any area where transaction between staff and members will be taking place. All personal weapons must be secured in a gun locker when delivery staff arrives.
- Members must maintain their delivery location and property to the standard set out by the collective’s delivery standards and protocol.
- Members are required to keep delivery locations in safe and secure manner, and violations will be marked permanently on membership. And membership revoked.
- Members are limited to one delivery call per day
- Members agree to the limits on amounts of medical cannabis according to state (CA H&S Code 11362.5 & 11362.7) and local law.
- No consumption of cannabis is allowed within 500 feet of schools, government office and public spaces deemed cannabis free.
- Members will never sell or otherwise distribute medication you obtain through GSH. You will permanently be excluded from the GSH collective if you do so.
- Only qualified service animals are allowed at GSH offices or inside any events held by GSH. All other pets are not allowed, Thank You
- You should treat all staff, members and guest speakers of the collective with respect. Abusive language and actions will not be tolerated, and may lead to further legal action.
- For the safety of your residence, family and coworkers all medications will be delivered in non-descript packaging.
- GSH cannabis products must stay in the state of California and they are not permitted to cross any state or federal lines.

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Fast delivery, very friendly staff!

Rita S.

Love these guys, so nice having my medication delivered right to my doorstep!

Rita S.


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