Mar, 2017

The only way to dab: The Vape Exhale

Headlines out this month have highlighted a growing problem in our unregulated cannabis market - the ungodly amounts of dirty cannabis being passed through to unsuspecting patients. Luckily for all Green Soldiers Healers patients, we only sell clean green certified cannabis. Business Insider wrote, “Studies show that marijuana sampled across the US carries unsafe levels of pesticides, mold, fungi, and bacteria.

It’s important that patients have access to clean cannabis because people with compromised immune systems can have fungi or mold greatly impact their health. So, other than demanding that you see the lab results for the products you purchase, how you consume your cannabis can also determine how unclean products impact your health. That’s one of the many reasons we encourage patients to vaporize your flower or cannabis concentrates. It’s far healthier than a bong rip or lighting up a joint. Our preference for vaporization is the VapeXhale Cloud Evo.


The creators of the VapeXhale, Seibo Shen (CEO) and Chris Murcha (CFO) set out to create a superior desktop vaporizer with intentions to create the ultimate vaporizing machine with health and wellness in mind. As, Medical Jane outlines, the VapeXhale has stayed true to its mission to combine innovative technology and the benefits of vaporization. They improved on the original Cloud vaporizer in a number of ways, which was already a winner of best product at past Medical Cannabis Cups. Medical Jane also outlines the stellar overall rating of the VapeXhale which we recommend reading if you’re in the market.

Not only does the VapeXhale provide a strong consistent vapor of your choice of cannabis concentrates or flower, but it can produce massive clouds of vapor increasing your ability to medicate at your desired dose. If you suffer from chronic pain, this vaporizer can really take some of the immediate pain away.

One of the reasons the VapeXhale works so well is because of the design. As The Cannabist points out, People go gaga for the VapeXhale because it uses an all-glass heating path and connects to custom water pipe attachments dubbed “HydraTubes,” and no other vaporizer on the market combines those two features. Want more details on the design of the product? Vapor Review Blog outlines the details fairly well. The vapor review blog was so impressed with the product they stated, “If you are looking for a heavy hitting herbal vaporizer and you have the means, I definitely recommend purchasing a VapeXhale Cloud EVO.”

Want to see the cloud production from the VapeXhale? Just watch this thorough review from the Vape Critic:


So what’s holding you back? If you’re ready to make the investment into your health and wellness consider purchasing the VapeXhale today. While we are an affiliate of Vapexhale's we believe this product is right for many of our patients. If you have questions about the product, please email us with any questions.

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